Stop Trying Harder

aha moment jae m rang Feb 19, 2024

My dad used to always say, “Anything worth having is worth working for.”  I’ve never been a stranger to working hard and going after what I want.  How about you? (Silly question since I already know that you are here because you are an expanding being and desire to fulfill your potential.)

So, let’s skip the next question about going after what you want and ask this one, what do you do differently when what you want isn’t materializing in the way you expect it to?

Do you change your goals or expectations?  Do you change the timeline?  Do you dig in and work harder?  Do you think differently to rework how you go after what you want?  Do you sacrifice something else as a trade-off?

Aha! ~ “The Universe doesn’t want you to try harder it wants you to trust it more” as shared by Whispers of a Beautiful Soul

I’ve come to realize that while being in action is absolutely necessary to moving your needle forward, trying harder is not the difference-maker.

If your vision is clear, your intentions are noble, your actions are deliberate, consistent and powered by a strong “why”, then trusting that your vision is in the works, is all that is left to be done.

It’s the disparity between being a human doer vs. a human being.  Human doers are task-oriented and act as though it is solely their effort that will bring their vision into reality.  Human beings know that is in their connection with all else, including divine energy, that the Law of Attraction is initiated, thus bringing the vision into reality.

Remember that you can only connect the dots backwards.  You won’t necessarily know all the steps you need to take to achieve your vision.  Be clear on your desire, seek guidance, take action, pause in gratitude, seek guidance, take action, pause in gratitude, seek guidance, take action, pause in gratitude … it’s just a matter of time.

Work less. Love yourself more.


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