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 "Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle." - Christian D. Larson

Build Meaningful Relationships


"To nurture a meaningful relationship, we must not only understand the other person, but also be ready to be understood ourselves." -Unknown

And Most Importantly - Help You To Succeed Deliberately!


"You are capable of more than you know. You are bigger than you think. You have the power to shape your life and move beyond your expectations." - Unknown

Hello and welcome!  My name is Jae Rang.  This is my story on the way to creating A Human Approach.


10 years into my business, I asked myself, is this what I really want to be doing? I was helping clients put their brands on countless products all over the world to help them make an impression and more money. From all accounts and outside perspectives, I had achieved success. Life looked perfect – in a relationship, healthy, strong business, I held board positions, had a beautiful home and family. 

But something was missing.


And that something turned out to be everything.


My first Aha! moment . . .


Happened just like that. A colleague gave me the book, The Four Agreements, in which Miguel Ruiz gives meaning to the word “authenticity.” Lightbulbs started going off for me, and I realized in a moment of calm clarity that the life I was living for others in absence of understanding myself was an inauthentic expression of who I was and who I wanted to become. 

I dedicated the next 25 years to self-discovery and it was no easy task.


Aha! The power of purpose . . .


As humans, we are the only creatures for whom existence without purpose feels meaningless. And yet so many of us spend so much of our lives operating on autopilot without a sense of it. 

When I asked myself the tough questions about my purpose, I realized it was there all along, waiting for me to align with it, and wake up to it. 

All this time, I wasn’t just helping companies put brands on products to promote their business - I was helping the people within those companies, behind those brands, connect with other people.

I realized that this human approach to the whole business of advertising and promotion was the part that I cared about the most, and the part that best expressed my authentic self. 

This is when it all changed for me . . .


But the greatest Aha for me was when I realized that my Aha journey into purpose was not only transforming me; it was also transforming my business.

The life cycle of a business is like that of a human: always evolving. And given that we are brilliant beacons of light amongst all the other earthling stars we call humans, we shine most brightly when we serve ourselves first, in integrity with who we are.

SENSORY MEDIA® is one tool that will enable you to communicate, incent, inspire, reward and market to humans engaging by all of their senses.

It is, by far, the most Human Approach to building quality relationships.

So take that deep breath, lean back for a minute, and allow yourself the space to ask yourself the tough questions that matter about your purpose. I promise that everything else will get a lot easier when you do. Grab a pen, your favourite notebook, maybe some chocolate, and let’s dive into this thing called A Human Approach together. It’s waiting for you.



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