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A R E  Y O U  R E A D Y ?

Ready to learn why you self-sabotage? (hint: self-sabotage is not your fault!)

Ready to adopt some simple strategies to release the shackles that are holding you back?

Ready to override the programming, get out of your own way and finally, live the abundant life you deserve?

"I think one day you'll find you're the hero you've been looking for."

                                                                                               ~Jimmy Stewart

Make today that day.

The day you call upon your courage and belief, to question and evaluate everything, and decide you're worth it. Serve humanity by serving your Self first!



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Some Highlights From The Book

Way #1

Become Aware By Becoming Curious


"Awareness is like a sunrise that illuminates the landscape around you. Until you are aware of the cunning yet destructive, socially constructed programming, it may feel like you're always working against yourself. Once you are aware, you can begin to make empowering choices and real change."

Way #8

Ask Yourself: 'What Am I Afraid Of?'


"Whenever fear creeps in, ask yourself, "What am I afraid of?" Be honest with yourself as to the answer. It might take some drilling down, as the real fear rarely surfaces initially. But if your fear is related to acceptance, being authentic may be in conflict. 

Authenticity is freedom."

Way #16

Adult Up


"People-pleasing, waiting for direction from perceived authorities, expecting handouts, consuming what you're told to, compromising your values, blaming others, having no long-term goals, and playing it safe are child-like tendencies triggered by fear.

Break the shackles by seeing each attack for what it is, then step into your adult power to overcome it."

How is self sabotage affecting your life right now?




We believe success happens one Aha! moment at a time.


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A B O U T  T H E  A U T H O R

Author, mother, entrepreneur, and certified Freedom from Self-sabotage Coach Jae M. Rang has spent the last 25 years studying the mind and human behavior, working hand-in-hand with top experts in the field such as Bob Proctor, Jason Christoff and others. Her depth of knowledge and experience culminates in this book, and it is her hope that readers will come to understand that the conscious mind's programming does not have to own us.
50 Simple Ways to Release the Shackles of Self-Sabotage is intended to create awareness, poke at your beliefs, and challenge your paradigms. This practical guide to becoming free from self-sabotage will lead you to understand when and how to take the sensible steps needed to break free from the shackles that are holding you back.
To Succeed Deliberately you must first become curious enough to learn what is holding you back. You must identify the areas of sabotage, then with all the love in your heart, trade in your shackles for beautiful bracelets of silver and gold with divine crystals - or whatever makes your heart sing - and bring the melody of YOU fully into your community.
I believe the essence of our time here is to serve mankind. As we move into the Age of Aquarius, life will be less about ego or competition and more about oneness and service to humanity.
Together we can build that.
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I Think One Day You'll Find You're The Hero You've Been Looking For


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