Forget Me Not

aha moment jae m rang Jan 15, 2024

Have you ever started up the stairs then about halfway forgot why you were headed up there in the first place?

Have you ever missed an important birthday or anniversary that you knew full well was approaching?

Have you ever gone to introduce a good friend forgetting their name at that very moment?

(Asking for a friend … )

Now let’s talk about remembering.

If I started with, “Bye bye Miss American Pie…” would you be able to finish the chorus and then some?

What about your first date?  Could you describe it in perfect detail?

Did you ever sit up in bed remembering that line or location or book you struggled to recall earlier?

Now, there is a long list of reasons why we might forget something.  Some memories are deeply suppressed due to trauma.  Alcohol and other depressants or medications can certainly impair short-term memory.  Stress makes it harder to concentrate.  Fatigue or lack of sleep can contribute to anxiety which can interfere with memory retrieval. And sometimes we just haven’t associated or categorized a memory in such a way that it sticks.

I believe both “impact” and “repetition” play a part; i.e. firsts – first date, first car, first job – stick because they are one-offs.  Repetition – riding a bike, driving a car, typing on a keyboard – also stick because they’re rehearsed many, many times. 

Is there a way to improve our ability for easier recall on an ongoing basis?

Aha! ~ You forget what is not active. 

 “The brain is not a storage cabinet, it is a transmitting device; what you remember is relative to the frequency you are on at the time.” ~ Abraham Hicks

In order to remember, you need to be in harmony or resonance with whatever “that” is.  It is easy to get out of harmony with stress, meds and distractions.

Another great way being to regularly plunk yourself in front of the tube.  Abraham calls it a “wasteland, void of well-being” that will cause you to forget what well-being feels like.  Television – the programming and waves – are designed to quickly lull you into a trance then have their way with you in feeding you content and messaging that disrupt your natural essence, not dissimilar to mind-altering substances.

A great way to get in harmony with well-being and enjoy a sharp mind is to commit to being the author of your vibration.  Be mindful of how you feed yourself in nutrition, content and environment.  Take time to nap, meditate and regularly connect with nature.  Reread an empowering book often. Be present.  And as Bob Proctor would say, “Don’t slow down, calm down.” 

Practice. Repeat. Affirm.

You’ve got this.


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