The Pain Teacher

aha moment jae m rang Feb 12, 2024

How much pain can you endure?

It’s not a question we want to test ourselves with but quite frankly we do, and daily.

How many people feel the need to work multiple jobs, keep a strict budget or say “no” to self-care, travel, repairs or upgrades as they live with financial pain?

How many people are stressed for time and put quality meal prep and workouts low on the priority list then experience physical pain?

How many people work in jobs or stay in relationships that stifle their expansion and expression and cause themselves emotional pain?

The fact is, we are so accustomed to trading off in at least one of our pillars of strength that we downplay the pain and remind ourselves to be grateful and appreciative. 

While gratitude can put you in a deserving vibration, can the avoidance of pain be harmful?  Are we ignoring the lessons of the pain teacher by sugar-coating what doesn’t feel right?

Aha! ~ Never mistake avoidance for positivity.

Paul Leendertse, Author of The Root Cause of Cancer, and Founder of The Root Cause Institute, has studied buried stress as it relates to cancer and cites it as the “root”.  That means, facing pain is liberating.

I recently cut ties with a business provider, one where every time I saw her name pop into my email box, I felt the need to put on my spiritual armour, quiet myself, and hold the vision of a positive outcome before responding to the message.  Sometimes the simplest of tasks went awry.  I knew the relationship was dysfunctional yet avoided dealing with it, simply focused on the positives. At the point where I was ready to women-up and resolve it – ready to lesson the anxiety in the pit of my stomach - I asked for guidance.

I received an introduction to a new provider.  The best way I can describe that initial connection was that it felt like a veil was lifted.  The transition between providers was a delicate operation that didn’t happen without some stones being hurdled our way, but facing the pain was worth it.

We can lie to ourselves and say we’re looking at the bright side, or we can call forth the elephant then open the escape hatch and release it.

“Beyond every beautiful thing there is some kind of pain.”  ~ Bob Dylan


It’s natural to want to move away from pain but there are times when facing it feels so much better … and healthier!!  More on Paul in our conversation on YouTube And hey, did you get your book yet?  We’re delving into a chapter a week in Human U – REALLY empowering discussions.  See you there!!


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