aha moment jae m rang Mar 11, 2024

Last night I was listening to the opposition party leader here in Canada talking about how our current government has let the people down. 

He pointed specifically to the escalating drug overdoses – up 300% in one province alone over the past three years – and how the government has offered, what they call, “safe” drugs and ways in which to enable that lifestyle vs. developing meaningful programs to free these souls.

I read another post where a woman had used her personal credit card to pay for 30 hotel rooms during poor weather conditions to get the homeless people in her town off the streets, safe and warm.

Mental health posts, memes, publications, videos and talks are everywhere; the narrative being that its rampant, everyone is struggling and there is no shame in feeling like you’re not cutting it.

Jason Christoff points out that substance use is our way of temporarily removing ourselves from our day-to-day lives to take the sting away from the battle of existence.

This same week I listened to a Tony Robbins interview where he described happiness in one word, “Progress” which reminds us that if we’re not growing, we’re dying.

When did we flip from living with family values, eating wholesome foods, being outside more, feeling a sense of community and being empowered to live a life of purpose?

Aha! ~ Teach your babes to fly.

It’s not safe drugs, hotel rooms, more police, border walls or mental health awareness days that we need.  It’s an overhaul of the system, a re-evaluation of our priorities and returning to hold our precious selves in high esteem.

We are simply living out society’s programming and the programming is destructive.

The programming says that life is hard and you don’t have what it takes so you need aid.  That is a lie.  You are perfect.  You are capable.  You are more than enough.  It’s the narrative that is inverted.

Until we have a system that emboldens connection, purpose, community, natural law, and self-worth first, we need to teach, and learn, that ourselves.  If we focus on raising babes who are confident, independent, responsible and loving, who can think critically, who are enthusiastic learners, self-reliant, are encouraged to fail, whose goal it is to simply progress towards higher good in pursuit of happiness, we will build a flourishing society. 

There has never been a better time to take A Human Approach 😊 


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