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aha moment jae m rang Jan 22, 2024

I am notorious for doing that one more thing.

It was years ago in an education session that the facilitator was talking about how much time people waste. He pointed out how much you could actually get done in 10 minutes and I agreed. Always wanting to make the most of time – life, actually – not at all a fan of wasting time, I regularly attempt to slot in that one more thing.

It looks like this: I look at the time and realize I need to be somewhere by 5:00. I check my route online to see what traffic to expect, get packed up, then realize I have an extra 10 minutes. That’s time to send that one more email, make a social post, mix up a snack for the road, reset the living room so it’s welcoming when I return home, pick up a card … well, you get the picture. I don’t try and stuff all of that into 10 minutes but knowing how long 10 minutes is, I often milk it in productivity.

Now I used to feel the need to be physically productive with my time, checking off that task list and keeping up in every department. Oftentimes I’d fly into an event, tee-time or meeting at the last-minute feeling chaotic and unsettled.


It’s not that I don’t give myself adequate time for things, it’s that for years I bought into a Tasmanian Devil-style whirlwind of doing where there is little time for allowance.


Yes, I mean allowance for unexpected traffic, lineups, or unforeseen circumstances, for sure, but mostly allowance for life to unfold with ease and flow.

Can being a slave to the list block out opportunity? Can the stress of filling every moment to accomplish some thing detract from being in harmony with life?

Aha! ~ Allow that which you desire to flow to you…

In the physical world it’s natural to live through your senses then simply react to everything. It takes more awareness of who you are to then choose to be in deliberate creation. You can assist that match of desire by simply being active in that vibration however by then consuming every moment with action, it’s like you’re trying to control the outcome….and that can be stressful….and stress causes negative vibes.

From a vibrational standpoint, the better you feel the more you allow, so does it not make more sense to take care of yourself first?

The Universe is always on standby waiting to deliver what makes your heart content. Making feeling good a priority puts you in a deserving mindset and in receiving mode. Setting intention stirs Universal intelligence and orders it to you. Opening your heart to guidance allows the unknown and unexpected to show you the way.

As Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backward but has to be lived forward.” Make self-care priority and look back in awe.

We are always evolving so it’s never about perfection and simply about awareness. That’s why we say in Human U, “Where Graduation is Ongoing”. Hop onto YouTube for more on this subject of allowance then join Human U to expand your consciousness with a community doing the same.


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