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aha moment jae m rang Mar 25, 2024

Last week I had lunch with my friend, Lorraine. We don’t see each other often because we both have very busy lives and live about three hours apart. Our lunch was planned about a month in advance.

I was looking forward to seeing her because she is one of the most creative, energetic and passionate entrepreneurs I know. She’s a phenomenal success story however like many successful people, has about as many challenging stories to tell as she does triumphant ones. Lorraine appears to have life all figured out yet would jump at the opportunity to attend a weekend personal development retreat to sharpen her edge. I love our time together as it’s so authentic, grounded, and real.

I arrived at the restaurant first and when Lorraine landed, it was like she was skipping towards our table. I stood up to give her a hug and with a big smile on her face she said, “I was feeling rather blah yesterday but am in such a good mood today because I knew we were getting together … yay!”

We hit the ground running in our conversation starting with our macro view of the state of the world, ran through some personal experiences then jumped into goals and intentions. We’re both rather philosophical and in a discussion about the world’s mental health, and what we believed was the plaguing, lacking issue, at the very same time, we both said the word, “purpose” … followed by a high-five.

Our phones were going off and our almost three hours together whooshed by. We left with some homework for each other and feeling energized, loved and yes, purposeful.

Aha! ~ If the people in your circle don’t get as excited to see you as they do when their food arrives at the restaurant, get a new circle.

No two people are ever on the exact same path, timeline or emotional state of wellbeing or ever accomplish in tandem. Sometimes a member of the tribe is on a roll with things falling into place and others are feeling the exhaustion of the trenches.

If your people hold the same values as you, with their compasses set on “highest good”, then where they are on their trajectory has no bearing on their enthusiasm and encouragement for yours.

Be the friend you want to have then choose yours carefully. You deserve to have your very own cheering section.

Hey, it’s our natural new year!!! What are your goals? Let’s talk more about the importance of the company you keep here then join Human U for the interactive discussion on Wednesday! And did you get your book yet? Your best year awaits!!!


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